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[] [] [] Tuesday, January 9, 2018   
Windows XP & 7 TIPs      
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.     
[] [] [] Tuesday, January 16, 2018   
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
[] [] [] Tuesday, January 23, 2018   
"Bring In Your Box Day"    
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
[] [] [] Tuesday, January 30, 2018   
[] [] [] Tuesday, February 6, 2018   
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
[] [] [] Tuesday, February 13, 2018   
Windows XP & 7 TIPs      
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
[] [] [] Tuesday, February 20, 2018   
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
[] [] [] Tuesday, February 27, 2018   
"Bring In Your Box Day"    
"Windows TEN " & LINUX Ubuntu Mate computers set up, available to try out,      
~1-3pm Please sign in on the buddy sheet when you arrive.    
"Bring In Your Box Day" (every fourth Tuesday!)    The first four Senior Computer Buddies to contact me may bring in their windows computer and get advice about using it. We can supply the ac cord, keyboard, mouse and monitor for your desktop or tower computer. It's helpful to tell me before Tuesday if you are bringing in your unit. Unfortunately, if your question(s) involve connecting to the internet using your dial-up ISP, we cannot help with that problem because we've no analog phone line available.   

Regular Meetings:
1pm Specific Topic or Open topics discussion [except bring in your box days]    
2pm Help session. Some help opportunities may be simultaneous as a buddy installs recommended software while another buddy asks a question.   

All Senior Computer Buddies will benefit from our best-effort attempts in solving unusual or common problems.    
Sometimes just emailing a detailed question about your computer operation problem can result in an answer which precludes the need to drag your box in.

The group is not a class in learning computer operation, but a discussion of topics for computer users, with best effort help available..   

Please review your Senior Program Newscaster Newsletter and the ISD 283 Community Education Catalog for Computer Classes.   

The buddies blog is back!
It's not fancy, and you can see it at

John McHugh
SLP City Hall Cable TV Office
Community TV Coordinator, ParkTV15/96
SLP Senior Program Mentor at LCC
5005 Minnetonka Boulevard
jmchugh [at]
"We Believe Our Public Service Makes A Difference"

City Hall has free wireless internet, provided by City Of SLP. It's a "Park Public Wireless Spot"! It is also available at The Rec Center, Lenox Community Center [west end] and Westwood Nature Center! Bring your laptop and try it: confirm that your computer has detected SL-Public. Connect to it. Then open a browser and navigate to     
A "landing page" will appear where you must click "Accept" to the terms and conditions for free internet access.   
* * *
Did you find something other Senior Computer Buddies should read?   
Send a link to John!   


===Links from 1-5-2018 email
Major chip flaws affect billions of devices
by Selena Larson   @CNNTech January 4, 2018
Computer chip flaws impact billions of devices
Two major flaws in computer chips could leave a huge number of computers and smartphones vulnerable to security concerns, researchers revealed Wednesday.
And a U.S. government-backed body warned that the chips themselves need to be replaced to completely fix the problems.
The flaws could allow an attacker to read sensitive data stored in the memory, like passwords, or look at what tabs someone has open on their computer, researchers found. Daniel Gruss, a researcher from Graz University of Technology who helped identify the flaw, said it may be difficult to execute an attack, but billions of devices were impacted.
Called Meltdown and Spectre, the flaws exist in processors, a building block of computers that acts as the brain. Modern processors are designed to perform something called "speculative execution." That means they predict what tasks they will be asked to execute and rapidly access multiple areas of memory at the same time. Related: The year tech took a dark turn
That data is supposed to be protected and isolated, but researchers discovered that in some cases, the information can be exposed while the processor queues it up.
Researchers say almost every computing system -- desktops, laptops, smartphones, and cloud servers -- is affected by the Spectre bug. Meltdown appears to be specific to Intel (INTC) chips.<snip>

===Links from 12-21-2017 email     
9 Web-Based Office Productivity Suites
By Ian Paul   PCWorld | AUG 20, 2009
Both Google and Microsoft are making big promises about browser-based environments that allow you to access documents, spreadsheets, calendars, contacts, and more, all in one place online. But so far, it's not entirely clear how these systems will work or what they will be able to do. Google's Chrome OS, for example, will be designed primarily to get you online faster.
But why do you need a Google OS when you already have access to so many of Google's online tools--such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Reader--all of which are available from any browser on any operating system? Microsoft Office 2010, meanwhile, will let you access Web versions of Microsoft's famous suite of productivity applications--that is, it will be a Web-based suite that will compete directly with Google Docs.      
List of office suites
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computing, an office suite is a collection of productivity software usually containing a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation program. There are many different brands and types of office suites. Popular office suites include Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Apache OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.
HOW EMAIL OPEN TRACKING QUIETLY TOOK OVER THE WEB "I JUST CAME across this email," began the message, a long overdue reply. But I knew the sender was lying. He’d opened my email nearly six months ago. On a Mac. In Palo Alto. At night.
I knew this because I was running the email tracking service Streak, which notified me as soon as my message had been opened. It told me where, when, and on what kind of device it was read. With Streak enabled, I felt like an inside trader whenever I glanced at my inbox, privy to details that gave me maybe a little too much information. And I certainly wasn’t alone.
There are some 269 billion emails sent and received daily. That’s roughly 35 emails for every person on the planet, every day. Over 40 percent of those emails are tracked, according to a study published last June by OMC, an “email intelligence” company that also builds anti-tracking tools.
The tech is pretty simple. Tracking clients embed a line of code in the body of an email—usually in a 1x1 pixel image, so tiny it's invisible, but also in elements like hyperlinks and custom fonts. When a recipient opens the email, the tracking client recognizes that pixel has been downloaded, as well as where and on what device. Newsletter services, marketers, and advertisers have used the technique for years, to collect data about their open rates; major tech companies like Facebook and Twitter followed suit in their ongoing quest to profile and predict our behavior online. <snip>

===Links from 12-15-2017 email

ISD283 will be changing the computers available in LenoxCC room 110, in Fall of 2018 They will be chrome books or chrome base computers.
LINKS to article about Chromebase:
Acer Chromebase user guide
LG Chromebase review
2017’s Best Technology Tips and Tricks: You Asked, We Answered
The Tech Tip online column is published five days a week on The New York Times’s Personal Technology page, which adds up to about 240 questions tackled over the course of a year on a variety of topics: hardware, software, social media, gadgets and more. Looking back on 2017, here are five Tips that stood out — either in their timeliness in syncing up with current events or in your positive response.<snip>
The Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017 By Brian X. Chen  Dec. 13, 2017 Let’s face it: Technology this year was one big “fail” after another. And the biggest loser from all of this was you.
It’s easy to count the ways that tech did you wrong, especially when it came to information security. On the other hand, there was also plenty of good technology this year that worked well and offered benefits for your money.
So here’s a review of the tech in 2017 that needed the most fixing, and the tech that was actually fixed.<snip> Tech That Needed Fixing:  Equifax... Juicero... Uber... Fake Accounts on Twitter and Facebook...
Tech That Was Fixed:  Smart Watches... Nintendo... Smart Home... Face Recognition...
Finding Your Roots, Free
Q. Why do genealogy sites charge money for access to public records that are supposedly free? Is there any easy way to get to this information anyway?
A. Viewing public records is typically free if you go to the municipal or religious archives and look them up yourself, or the organization has digitized and posted them. However, if a genealogy company took the time to scan paper-based records from various sources around the world, index them and make it easy to search through mountains of material from the comfort of your own home, you will mostly likely be charged at some point. <snip>
2018 IS THE YEAR AUTOPLAY VIDEO WITH SOUND DIES By George Slefo. Published on December 13, 2017.
Mark it on your calendar: Come early 2018, autoplay video with sound will be killed off by browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Although the news is likely to be celebrated by consumers, many publishers will mourn the ad format's death.
Autoplay-with-sound's execution comes at the hands of Google, Facebook, the Washington Post, GroupM and Procter & Gamble among many other large industry players. They're all part of what's known as the Coalition for Better Ads, which surveyed some 25,000 people in the U.S. and abroad to find out exactly what ad types are the most annoying. <snip>

How fast is your home's internet connection?
Here are some links to find out:

Various links for making optical disc copies:
InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Windows. It lets you burn data to physical discs, as well as create disc images, and it can also create disc copies, on the fly.
CDBurnerXP  a free tool for burning optical discs. It can be used to create an ".iso" disk image which can then be burned to a disc, using the same application or any other tool you prefer. When installing it, pay attention so that you don’t install the unwanted software bundled with it.
How to Copy DVDs that You Own
by Brad Jones  February 22, 2017
It’s tough to find a good, free, easy-to-use DVD ripper that can make digital backups of copyright protected DVDs. The rise of streaming services has given Hollywood studios even more reason to crack down on unauthorized rips.
However, if you gather the right tools and familiarize yourself with the process, ripping DVDs is a piece of cake. Once you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll be able to digitize your entire library with ease.
Please be aware of the rules and regulations regarding DVD rips in your region. Ripping your physical copy of Lord of the Rings as a backup may seem like an innocent precaution, but it’s always best to make sure that what you’re doing is actually legal.
Getting Started
Before we rip anything, we need to collect the right tools for the job. First, we’ll need Handbrake, an open source video transcoder that’s available here. Download the software and install it on your computer. <snip>
Software Home > DVD to DVD
Showing all DVD to DVD software
Showing 1 to 21 tools  Freeware and Trialware
DVDFab HD Decrypter
DVDFab HD Decrypter is a simple version of DVDFab "DVD to DVD" and DVDFab "Blu-ray to Blu-ray". It copies entire DVD/Blu-ray movie to hard drive, and removes all the DVD protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) and part of Blu-ray protections while copying. NOTE! The decryption, DVD to HDD and Blu-ray to HDD, is FREE, if you want more features then it's a trialware. And it may take 1-6 months until it supports NEW DVD/Blu-ray releases. And click on TRY even if it says that the trial has expired. <snip>
Download CloneDVD; Instant Installation to Enjoy Free Trial All-in-one DVD & Video software allows users to copy, rip, create DVDs, convert videos to play on popular mobile devices and make wonderful photo slideshows. Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit) Free Trial
Introducing BurnAware, full-featured disc burning software.
BurnAware is a family of full-featured and free burning software to create CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs of all types. Home users can easily burn bootable discs, multisession discs, high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, make, copy and burn disc images. Power users will benefit from BurnAware's advanced options, including control of boot settings, UDF partition and versions, ISO levels and restrictions, session selection, CD text for tracks and discs, data recovering, disc spanning and direct copying.<snip.
How to Copy a DVD with the Original Quality on Windows 10/8/7 | Copy DVD to DVD or Hard Drive with Best DVD Copy Software Guide on how to copy DVD to a new DVD disc or to Windows (10) computer with best DVD copy software for Windows 10/8/7.
By Beatrice Wong | Last Update on Nov. 24, 2017 4:12 pm Three real questions about how to copy a DVD on Windows (10) asked online:
1.            I'm looking for a DVD copy tool that can make an exact copy of the original movie to digitalize all my 800 DVDs so I can later make as many copies in any format I may need to. Outputting the most excellent lossless image quality is a must for me. ----From Rmichell
2.            Sometimes I find myself trying to copy slightly or severely scratched DVD discs. I've tried DVD Shrink and it stops at a certain point. Clone DVD doesn't work either. So I am thinking there must be something that will copy scratched DVD? ----From Rockstar452
3.            I try to use Imgburn to copy DVD to DVD on Windows 10, but it was installed with a bundle of adware, malware which make my computer run slower and slower. I spent almost an hour to copy a DVD but the copy can't play. Any other top DVD copy programs? ----From JoshYoung <snip>

===Links from 12-1-2017 email
MacOS bug allows unauthorized access without password A security bug in Apple’s new Mac operating system allows anyone to gain full administrator control of a computer without needing to enter a password – possibly even remotely. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. Thanks to the bug, a user can gain unauthorized access into a Mac running MacOS High Sierra by logging in as “root” for username and clicking on the login button a few times without needing to enter a password. <snip>

===Links from 11-22-2017 email===
If you haven’t heard, universities around the world are offering their courses online for free (or at least partially free). These courses are collectively called MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.
In the past six years or so, close to 800 universities have created more than 8,000 of these MOOCs. And I’ve been keeping track of these MOOCs the entire time over at Class Central, ever since they rose to prominence.
In the past three months alone, over 200 universities have announced 600 such free online courses. I’ve compiled a list of them and categorized them according to the following subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Programming, Data Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Business, Personal Development, Engineering, Art & Design, and finally Science.<snip>

iPhone tips from SLP IT
iPhone Camera/Photo Options
Newer iPhone devices have some additional camera and photo features. Below are some of the most notable differences. HDR photo — combines the best parts of the three overexposed, underexposed, and balanced shots to create a dramatic image. When you take an HDR photo your devices saves two versions of the picture. One with HDR and one without.  Live photo — a combination of a still image and an up to three‐second .mov file. Some  have raised concern over what appears as duplicate pictures and the “Live photo” files taking memory space or having more info than desired. The following tips will walk you through turning these features on and off. HDR Photo 1. Select the camera app. 2. Tap the HDR text at the top. 3. Select Auto, On or Off. Live photo 1. Select the camera app. 2. Tap the Live button (bullseye icon) at the top. a. If this feature is currently on, tap it once to turn off. Tap it again to turn back on. You may find great ways to use these features, so please feel free to test them or use them.
Note: If you own older iPhone or tablet devices, the capabilities may be different. 

===Links from 11-17-2017 email===
PERSONAL TECH  Enlarge the Screen in Windows 10 Tech Tip By J. D. BIERSDORFER NOV. 13, 2017 Q. I recently discovered the keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 that automatically zooms in the whole screen, but it’s often a little too close-up. Is there a way to adjust this zooming?
A. Pressing the Windows and plus (+) keys together automatically activates the Magnifier, the built-in Ease of Access utility for enlarging the screen, and yes, you can adjust the level of magnification. (For those who have found the shortcut by accident, pressing the Windows and Escape keys turns off the Magnifier.) To change the magnification level, press the Windows, Control and M keys to open the Magnifier settings box. <snip>
PERSONAL TECH  Slowing iPhone Battery Drain Tech Tip By J. D. BIERSDORFER NOV. 6, 2017 Q. Why does the iPhone battery drain so much? I have an iPhone 6 and consider myself a “normal” user of the iPhone. I have gone to Apple’s website and done everything suggested to slow the drain, but sometimes by 6 p.m. I’m down below 50 percent. What else can I do?
A. Battery drain can be caused by a number of factors, including the age of the battery itself. The iPhone 6 was released in 2014, and if you purchased the device around that time and have been using it regularly for three years, the battery may be losing its ability to hold a charge. Having an authorized service provider replace the battery or investing in an external battery are two options for a failing power cell.<snip> You can see which apps and services are using the most power by opening the Settings app and selecting Battery; the information is listed under Battery Usage. Turning on Low Power Mode — and turning off power-hungry features like Background App Refresh, Hey Siri and Location Services (when not needed) can also help.
PERSONAL TECH  Grab Copies of Google Emails, Photos and Files Tech Tip By J. D. BIERSDORFER NOV. 9, 2017 Q. I have decided to leave Google and move to another mail and file-storage service. How do I get my mail, photos and other files stored in my Google account?
A. Google has a download page you can use to grab copies of your Gmail messages, uploaded pictures on Google Photos, calendars, contacts, Google Keep notes and more. To use it, log into your Google account and go to your Takeout page; if you use Gmail and Google’s other “G Suite” corporate services through your employer, talk to your company’s system administrator about moving your data.<snip> Keep in mind that downloading all your data does not remove it from the company’s servers. It also does not remove your Google-based web activity or delete your Google account. After you make sure your archive has what you need, log into your Google account and, in the account preferences area, click the “Delete your account or services” link and follow the steps on the screen.
PERSONAL TECH  Microsoft Office Mobile Apps: Free or With a Fee Tech Tip By J. D. BIERSDORFER NOV. 7, 2017 Q. Do you need a paid subscription to use the Microsoft Office mobile apps? I thought they were free for Android and iOS devices.
A. The ability to use the Microsoft Office mobile apps without having to pay a subscription fee depends on the device you are using — and what you want to do with the programs. The free touch-screen editions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow you to do basic tasks (like create a file and enter text into it) on most smaller tablets and phones. You do need to sign up for a free Microsoft account to use Microsoft Office Mobile for Android, or the iOS versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The files are stored on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud server.<snip> If the price is too steep for you, Apple iWork, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper and Zoho’s office apps are among the free or inexpensive alternatives.

Firefox has a new browser, supposedly their best one ever.
I haven't used it yet, but plan to try it out before too long.

===Links from 11-9-2017 email===
Do you back up photos and video? Everyone with a smartphone has a camera, and they're using 'em right and left to snap photos and shoot videos. Add to that numerous digital cameras, from inexpensive to professional, and you've got a lot of digital media being created every day. A lot of it isn't getting backed up.
Let's remember the goal: never have only a single copy of your photographs. If there's only a single copy, it's not backed up.
Being over quota means you've received or kept too much email. Dealing with an email quota requires understanding just where that email is being kept.
It's tempting to just use file-copy tools to back up what you think you need. But if you're not careful, you could easily miss something very important.
After a bad experience with Windows Update, it's tempting to bail on the idea completely. Unfortunately, that can leave your machine vulnerable to malware.
There are many, many reasons Windows Update might fail. One of the most common is malware on your machine.
Safety is difficult, yet critical. Here are eight key steps to keep your computer safe on the internet.

===Links from 11-3-2017 email===
We Don’t Need The iPhone X  Seven reasons why Apple’s phone “of the future” is anything but.  BY JESUS DIAZ  11.02.17 The iPhone X is a sham. The epitome of fluff over function. The penultimate step in Apple’s downward spiral toward replacing the Ramsian “Less is more” with the “more, more, more!” of a greedy kid in a cupcake shop. One more brick, at last, on its towering monument to bad design.
Just look at Apple’s own list of features. Rather than focusing on solving problems that everyone has–like battery life that lasts for more than a few hours of usage, materials that are truly durable, or reception quality–the iPhone X is just a shiny jar of candy, designed to be irresistible for fans that are hungry for the latest status symbol. You may think I’m being unfair. Perhaps you’re right. Let’s review the design, feature by feature.<snip>
Google no longer lets you change domains to search different countries by Jacob Kastrenakes  Oct 27, 2017 You’ve long been able to get localized search results by visiting Google at different domains — like for the US, for England, or for Japan — but that won’t be the case anymore after today. Google said that it’ll now deliver search results relevant to your current location no matter which domain you visit. So if you’re in New York and visit, you’ll still get results relevant to New York City.
Fortunately, it’ll still be possible to escape your country’s results. You’ll be able to change locations, you’ll just have to do it through the settings menu at the bottom of (which I’m willing to bet you’ve never noticed before because it’s hidden in the corner on the desktop and requires you to scroll down on mobile; I didn’t know it existed before today). By going to settings and then “search settings,” you’ll be able to pick a new location.<snip>

What Is the System File Checker, and How Do I Run It?

How Not To Get Locked Out of Your Microsoft Account While Travelling

===Links from 10-27-2017 email===
How to quit Facebook (if the time suck, Russian ads or political noise have become too much) It’s not as impossible as you might think.
BY ERIC JOHNSON  OCT 22, 2017    
There are many valid reasons you might want to quit Facebook. Maybe you spend too much time there. Maybe you’re tired of its cluttered app. Maybe you’re unnerved by all the Russia stuff.
I was an avid Facebook user for more than a decade. But due to a combination of the reasons above, I’ve almost completely quit Facebook over the past three weeks. No surprise, I have been much happier for it.
Whatever your reasons, if you want to quit Facebook, here’s how to do it.
“But I just can’t quit Facebook!”
We’ve all heard this from people in our lives: People who use Facebook constantly, but aren’t really happy about it. Since its early days, when the platform was wired directly into the social scene of colleges across the country, Facebook has made itself feel like a utility, a mandatory extension of our real-world social lives.
Even after more than a month thinking about quitting Facebook, I haven’t been able to completely disentangle myself from the Zuckerverse: My Facebook account is still active — just in case, I tell myself — and I still use Facebook Messenger and Instagram every day.
Whether you’re planning to keep your account, as I did, or delete it entirely, this guide has you covered. Read on.<snip>
Broadband by Karl Bode  Thu, Oct 19th 2017    
The Cable Industry's Ingenious 'Solution' To TV Cord Cutting? Raise Broadband Rates from the Comcastic dept.
In a healthy, competitive market, cable providers would respond to the growing threat of streaming video competition by lowering prices, improving their historically awful customer service, and giving consumers more flexible cable bundles.
But because these same cable operators enjoy a growing monopoly over the uncompetitive broadband market -- they don't have to do that. Instead, they've found that the easiest response to added competition on the TV front is to impose a relentless array of rate hikes on captive broadband customers. There's a myriad of ways they accomplish this, ranging from misleading hidden fees that jack up the advertised price (something they're being sued for), to usage caps and overage fees (which let them not only charge more money for the same service, but hamstring streaming competitors via tricks like zero rating).<snip>